Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tri Shutter Album - Veranda Paper

The more I do of these, the more I like them!  This is the Tri Shutter Album with the Veranda paper pack.  I used my Easter photos because this paper reminds me of Spring whenever I look at it. 

If you're looking at the photos I used, there is one of me smiling beside my upset daughter.  I wasn't laughing because I accidently dropped the easter egg coloring on her, I was smiling because if I didn't, I knew I was going to cry.  It had been a long day of cleaning and I was getting the egg coloring ready to color easter eggs - I'm not sure how it happened but the next thing I knew Teagan, my counter top and floor were blue.  No eggs got colored that night and the rest of the preparations were left until Easter morning!

This is the second paper available for the Tri Shutter Album workshop on Saturday, April 17.  If you are interested in the workshop, email me for more information.

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